Smart Choices is Manitoba's responsible service certification program. All staff who serve, sell or deliver liquor, and security and managers in licensed service and retail establishments must take Smart Choices before starting to work in a licensed establishment. Smart Choices certification is valid for 5 years.

The goal of the Smart Choices Liquor Service and Retail Certification is to increase public safety. Smart Choices focuses on current laws, safety requirements and responsible strategies when serving or selling liquor. Smart Choices also includes problem gambling awareness information. This training helps people who sell and serve liquor, and those who offer gambling in their establishments, understand the legal requirements and put in place responsible strategies to reduce risks and harm.

Course Structure

Our Liquor Service and Retail Certification contains 7 modules:

  • What is Responsible Drinking?
  • Identifying and Responding to Liquor Issues
  • What is Responsible Gambling?
  • Identifying and Responding to Gambling Issues
  • Minors and Identification
  • Your Role, Responsibilities and Liability
  • Safety and Security

Details and Payment

Smart Choices is an online program. After registering and submitting payment by credit card, you will be sent an email that will provide you access to the Smart Choices course and allow you to take the exam.

You will have 90 minutes once you start the exam to complete it. Upon successful completion, you will be emailed a certificate of completion which includes a QR code that can be used for validation.

The cost of the course is not refundable, not cancellable, or transferable. The credit card provided will be charged the full amount at the time of the purchase.

Smart Choices is available as a self-study certification. If you are unable to complete the course online or require other accessible options, please contact us at or at smartchoices@smarteru.com.