Frequently Asked Questions

Liquor Service and Retail Certification

Why is my access code not working?

  • The Smart Choices Liquor Service and Retail Certification has been updated and is now being hosted by a new provider, Neovation. If you have previously purchased an access code with MTEC, you will need to request a new profile. Please contact to request your new profile.

What do I do if I started the course but haven’t completed it?

  • If you had an incomplete course through MTEC, we will also provide you with access for the Neovation course. Please contact to request your new profile.

Who has to take the training?

  • All staff who serve, sell or deliver liquor, and security and managers in licensed service and retail establishments must take Smart Choices before starting to work in a licensed establishment or for a licensed third-party delivery company.

How long is Smart Choices valid?

  • Smart Choices is valid for 5 years from the date you successfully complete the program. Your Smart Choices certification has an expiry date on it.

I own a licensed establishment, Is it my responsibility to make sure my staff have this training?

  • Yes, each licensee is responsible for making sure that all employees who serve or sell liquor, as well managers and security personnel have successfully completed an approved responsible service program. Some licensees protect themselves by keeping copies of everyone's proof of certification in their employee files.

    General FAQ

    Why does Smart Choices expire? Why do I have to recertify

    • Smart Choices certification is valid for five years from the date you successfully complete each program. The LGCA recognizes that responsible service laws and strategies change over time. A recertification requirement keeps knowledge up-to-date across the hospitality industry. Recertification is common across Canada, and all other Western provinces have this requirement.

      Are there other training options?

      • Licensees are also allowed to propose their own responsible service training program for approval by the LGCA. The LGCA will review any proposed third-party programs to ensure that core responsible service information is included, and the LGCA may require additions and amendments to third-party programs or may reject approval if a proposed program is insufficient. A licensee can only offer its own program in place of Smart Choices if it has been approved in writing by the LGCA.

      What is the refund policy for Smart Choices certifications?

      • The cost of the course is not refundable, not cancellable, or transferable. The credit card provided will be charged the full amount at the time of the purchase.