The Smart Choices gift cards provide a way for people to purchase a certification for someone else (such as employees, friends, or family members). They can also be purchased in bulk to distribute to multiple people.

Once a person has been provided a gift card code, they can then register for a certification under their own credentials without incurring a cost.

Each gift card code that is generated will cover the cost of one (1) certification, including tax, in Manitoba.


Details and Payment

Purchasing a Gift Card

  1. Navigate to the Smart Choices Certification Gift Card product page.
  2. To buy a single gift card, you can click 'Buy It Now'. For buying multiple gift cards, adjust the number in the quantity field first, then click 'Buy It Now'.
  3. One the Checkout Information page, fill in your information, then click 'Continue to Payment'.
  4. On the Checkout Payment page, fill in your credit card information and then click Pay Now.
  5. Once the order has completed, you will receive the following emails:
    • A confirmation email for your purchase (your invoice)
    • A gift card email containing the unique code for redeeming the card (you will receive one email per gift card purchased (10 gift cards purchase will result in 10 emails)
  6. Once you have received your gift card email(s), you can forward them to the person(s) who need to register for the certification. A link in the email will let them view the gift card code and redeem it at the time of purchase.

How do you redeem a gift card?

  1. Navigate to one of the certification product pages below, and click 'Buy It Now':
  1. On the Checkout Information page, fill in your information:
    • The email entered will be used to access your certification.
    • The name entered will be what is displayed on the certificate.
  2. At the top right of the page there will be a field to enter your gift card. Enter the unique code you were provided and then click 'Continue to Payment'.
  3. On the next page confirming your order, there will be a message stating that your order is covered by the gift card. Click 'Pay Now' to complete the order.
  4. After the order is completed, you will receive an account invitation email for the Smart Choices certification which will provide instruction on how to access the training and get started.

Can I purchase gift cards in bulk?

Yes! As mentioned in the instructions above, you can edit the quantity of gift cards to the amount you need (5, 10, 20 etc.)

You will receive an individual email, containing the unique gift card code, for each gift card purchased. If you purchased 20 gift cards, you would receive 20 emails containing the codes. This allows you to easily forward each gift card to your intended recipients. We recommend you make a subfolder in your email inbox and move the gift card emails into that folder for easier organization.

For large orders, such as 50 or more gift cards, it may be difficult to manage the individual emails, so please contact Support to be invoiced directly.